Terms and Conditions

This page contains the terms and conditions for the use of our resource – online casino bd. Each visitor should read these to ensure they are aware of their own privacy.

Private Policy

We request emails from all our customers. We need it so that the gambler can receive up-to-date news about upcoming updates. The player has full freedom to opt-out of receiving emails at any time, in which case we will not send any emails to the player’s email address.

It is also worth mentioning that we collect information about our customers through the use of specific files. The data about the gamblers are used to calculate their preferences. As a result, for each customer, we can show information that is likely to be of interest. Don’t worry, we don’t share our users’ personal data with anyone, it is solely for the purpose of increasing the players’ comfort.

Cookie Files

Cookies are a special tool used to analyse comments and pages visited by the gambler. It is through them that we can improve our website to make it more user-friendly for all customers.

Copyright Agreement

We forbid stealing information from our website and posting it on third-party resources by misappropriating rights. Data from our website may only be used by third parties if a link to the original source is provided.

External Links

In some cases, the reader may find information from other sources on our website, but we respect all copyrights and always link to the original source.