Terms And Conditions Of Use

On this page, the player can find the current terms and conditions of use of our casino site. The rules should be read so that the gambler does not have any problems in the future.

User Agreement

Every customer of our website must comply with the terms and conditions of use. If the reader does not agree with any of the points on this page, they should leave the website and not visit it again.

Customer Responsibilities

Every user of our website is obliged to comply with the rules for its use. It is the customer who is responsible for all their actions and their consequences. Below you will find information on what is forbidden on the website:

  1. Publishing or transmitting harmful or offensive content from or to this site;
  2. Not using information or language that could in any way infringe on the intellectual property of customers or site employees;
  3. You may not post content on the site that could in any way disrupt the operation of the site;
  4. You may not use any third-party software or tools that could degrade the interface of the site or access its networks or data;
  5. It is forbidden to provide the website and its customers with false information as, if discovered, the player who has done so will no longer be able to visit the website;
  6. You must not duplicate or sell information from this website or other platforms owned by our company.

Various Services And Advertising

Our casino website is partly commercial, but we do not edit or publish advertisements here. We are only responsible for the money our clients’ deposit to use our services. That is why we are not responsible for any money that may be lost from commercial activities. We are only liable for your possible losses if the customer complies with all the terms and conditions for using our platforms.

Our Copyrights

We are the undisputed owners of all the information available on this website. No one may steal or use data from this site for either free or commercial activities. This is only possible if you obtain permission from our lawyers.

Customers Statistics

In order to improve the quality of our website, we continuously collect some information about our customers. We do not pass it on to third parties and it is only necessary to improve the quality of the user experience on our site.